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Choir music in the spotlight

Now that we're slowly but steadily approaching the end of 2019, it seemed like a perfect moment to look back at some beautiful new publications in our choral music catalogue from 2019. 

Mon Dieu, je rêve – Michiel Verfaillie

Composer Michiel Verfaillie from Mechelen usually writes both text and music when he composes, for instance with the carols in English style that we published earlier. With the new Mon Dieu, je rêve (My God, I dream) this is no different. By freely using colourful chords, the music carries the dreamliness from the text. The result is a beautiful dreamy piece wherein music and text are combined perfectly.

Seize the night – Hans Helsen

Hans Helsen is without a doubt one of the more known composers of the young generation, whose work is performed internationally. He won, for instance, the European Award for Choral Composers in 2014 with his Missa brevis. For beVOICEd 2019 - a big happening for youth choirs - he was commissioned to compose the newest piece. He chose a text by Atticus. This composition was performed at the end of the day by 360 singers from 10 youth choirs who were very enthusiastic about this beautiful new composition for equal voices!

Compulsory works International Choir Competition Flanders – Jan Van der Roost

The International Choir Competition Flanders is a monument in Flanders. Every two years, the best choirs from all over the world come to our little country to give their best. In addition to their own programme, they perform compulsory works, composed every edition of the competition by another Flemish composer. This year, they were written by Jan Van der Roost, who was inspired by texts of Petrarca for the three compositions. Did you know that the piece for male choir was performed by the world famous King's Singers? Perfect music for choirs looking for a challenge!

Between Us Now – Stef Minnebo

Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) is seen as one of the greatest writers of English literature. It is only natural that Stef Minnebo found his inspiration in Between Us Now to write a very romantic piece for mixed choir a capella. The text about love is strengthened by the melodious lines of the four voices who navigate around some surprising intervals but find each other back in the beautiful harmonies.