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Pub. nr. Title Composer Arranger Instrumentation Difficulty Pricesort descending
2019/018 Pace non trovo Van der Roost, Jan F.J. TBarB 5 EUR
2019/020 Erano i capei d'oro Van der Roost, Jan F.J. SMsA 5 EUR
2015/003/L01 A Red, Red Rose Pieters, Peter SSAA 5 EUR
2015/003/L03 The Sick Rose Pieters, Peter SATB 5 EUR
2019/019 Amor, io fallo Van der Roost, Jan F.J. SATB 5 EUR
2012/117 How oft, when thou my music Slootmaekers, Martin SSAA 5,5 EUR
2015/003/L02 My Pretty Rose Tree Pieters, Peter TTBB 6,4 EUR
2012/116 Horrors Slootmaekers, Martin TTBB 7 EUR
2017/002 Upstream Van Ingelgem, Maarten SMsA 7 EUR
2017/003 Mouth full of birds Van Ingelgem, Maarten TBarB 7 EUR
2012/112 If Slootmaekers, Martin SATB 9 EUR
2017/001 Anchorite Van Ingelgem, Maarten SSAATTBB 9 EUR